Canvas Lamp

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Canvas Lighting Collection – Pendant Lamp.
Design: Alberto Aguado Baudil and Koji Tokushige.
Year: 2020.
Client: Shimada Electric’s


CANVAS is a slim LED interior lighting with a sculptural texture on the acrylic shade. Even when you don’t need daylight, the unique patterns inspired by nature bring harmony to the space. It is his original high-end interior lighting fixture that uses Shimada Electric’s acrylic processing and his LED technology.

As the first collection of new interior lighting, we designed a pendant light that lights up in the center of the space. We propose two types of concepts that lead the collection. One is organic modeling, which is a design that matches the texture with a water crest as a motif. The other is minimal, and the design matches the texture with the sand pattern of the dry landscape garden as a motif. CANVAS creates not only light in the space, but also the calmness and comfort of nature. The gentle waves created by the water crests, and the sand crests of the dry landscape garden. With these motifs, the simple design harmonizes with both Japanese and Western spaces.

The CANVAS series is a high-end LED interior lighting. It harmonizes not only with various styles of houses, but also with various spaces such as hotels, restaurants, museums, and public facilities. Suitable for a variety of scenes, from small spaces to large spaces.