Bioma Planter

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Bioma Planter – Bioplastic Planter.
Design: Alberto Aguado Baudil and Koji Tokushige.
Year: 2020.
Client: Miyoshi Co.


BIOMA is a planter that embodies Miyoshi Co., Ltd.’s plastic injection molding technology and its vision for environmentally friendly manufacturing. We aimed to create a product that can be used habitually for a long time by carefully growing various plants. BIOMA’s cute design colors the space as an interior.

This sustainable planter is available in three sizes, all of which are compact and cute, so you can decorate a room in the Tokyo metropolitan area without worrying about space.
Miyoshi produces small lots of products, that allows an abundant color variations. All are calm colors and are designed to blend in with various spaces.

Each size is stackable and is designed to be noticeable by making the distinctive color variations more visible when displayed at retail stores.

BIOMA’s three different sizes can be fitted compactly, like a matryoshka doll. This allows a compact packing, minimizing the carbon footprint in transit.