Sawah Dining Table

for Kayu Style
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Product: Dining Table.
Collection: Sawah.
Design: Alberto Aguado Baudil.
Year: 2022.
Client: Kayu Style.



Made from world-class stone and wood, Sawah is a modern tropical furniture collection designed by Alberto Aguado baudil. This dreamy collection has been created for Kayu Style, one of the biggest names among the outdoor furniture companies of Japan.

The furniture pieces of Sawah draw their inspiration from the beautiful contrast of light and shadow of sawah (“rice field” in Indonesian) and the glossy flow of sawa (“mountain stream” in Japanese).

Sawah had its grand launch in the Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2022, one of the biggest furniture fairs in Japan.

The factory where these masterpieces are created is located in Indonesia. It leverages the skilled craftsmen and impeccable materials of Indonesia, complemented by the world-class quality of Japan. As such, Sawah brings together the best of both worlds!

Sawah uses heavy materials, but the pieces look sleek and thin — thanks to the well-thought-out design. A wide chamfer can be found towards the outer side. This allows light and shadows to project very differently, creating an interesting contrast. This contrast, in turn, creates a visual illusion and makes the wood appear thinner than it actually is. The same effect can be observed inside, with the combination of wood and rattan weave cane doing the job.

Sawah majorly uses teak — one of the best woods among tropical hardwoods known for its density and durability. Teak ages gracefully and is exceptionally resistant to several elements, including rotting. It has been paired with the highly luxurious and sophisticated sintered stone. This synthetic stone is made in Indonesia using revolutionary methods to achieve a beautiful end-product that is resistant to scratches and UV light. Thirdly, rattan weave cane has been used. This is an eco-friendly material with a long history, and contributes to a light and airy appearance.

With its original blend of tropical and modern styles, Sawah aims to bring the ambiance of dream vacay spots, such as the laid-back island of Bali, right into houses, restaurants, and resorts!