Hamakaze Chair

for Kayu Style
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Product: Dining Chair.
Collection: Hamakaze.
Design: Alberto Aguado Baudil.
Year: 2023.
Client: Kayu Style.



The Hamakaze furniture collection has been designed by Alberto Aguado for one of the biggest outdoor furniture companies in Japan, Kayu Style. The design style for this collection draws inspiration from the breezy coastlines under the bright blue skies. This is also where the collection gets its name from — Hamakaze means “sea breeze” in Japanese. It is ideal for resorts and restaurants, but beyond that, for folks hoping to bring the ambiance of their favorite waterfront resort right into their backyard!

The collection witnessed a grand launch in one of the biggest furniture fairs in Japan: Interior Lifestyle Tokyo, 2022. The products are manufactured in a reputable factory of Indonesia, where the skilled Indonesian artisans are complemented by the quality-consciousness of Japan.

The design of Alberto Aguado’s collection is primarily based on three materials: wicker, aluminum, and teak wood. Wicker is used abundantly, and can be found woven around a matte black aluminum frame. These parts have smooth curves, similar to the arcs of the waves and loops of the wind hitting the beach — making the seats more pleasant to use in contrast with the cold and hard feeling of the aluminum frame. Minute gaps can be found in the style, allowing air to flow and contribute to a refreshing experience.

The aluminum acts as a support; a structure that elevates and dignifies the other elements, wicker and wood. Aluminum is a light material, allowing for easy relocation of the products between the sun and shade. Finally, wood can also be found in some of the furniture items. The type of wood used is teak — one of the best tropical hardwoods, known for its density and durability. Teak ages gracefully and is resistant to harsh weather conditions.

The wicker and aluminum add elegance to the collection while the use of wood adds a traditional touch. Finally, the glass incorporated into some pieces contributes to a stunningly sleek look.

The original tropical style of Hamakaze makes it ideal for gracing your outdoor space. Whether it’s the backyard of your home or a high-end resort or restaurant, Hamakaze has the potential to bring any space to life!