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Design Process

We understand that each client has a different philosophy and brand strategy. We adapt our design philosophy to fit their mission, vision and values looking for minimal as a way of transmitting the essence, getting pure and neutral items that can be combined easily in any space of our daily lives.
  • We receive and study the demand of the client.
  • We engage in an ongoing conversation with the client to better understand their priorities, brand philosophy, product category, market place, and goals of the project.
  • We research the item category, concepts, functionalities, user interaction, market goals, and competitors.
  • Once we study the research, priorities and specifications of the client, we start sketching ideas on paper and making simple samples which will provide initial direction and possibilities for the project.
  • Once we know the direction of the project we start developping on 3D/2D softwares, taking care of dimensions, functionalities and ergonomics.
  • The initial presentations include different design concepts visualized by CG images. We agree with the cliento on the right design concept.
  •  Once we study de demand of the client from first presentations we start developing the final design concept.
  • The final presentation includes the product visualization with final materials and colors.
  • We can provide any files for production, 3D files, 2D files, vector files and technical drawings.
  •  It is essential to follow the production process of the project at each stage. We checking the prototypes and communicate with the manufacturer to get their knowledge and use it to make a more efficient and sustainable product.
  • Our relationship with the client does not finish once the project is complete. We will seek to gather analysis and feedback upon completion of the project. We always strive to build lasting relationships with all our clients.